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SiteLock's Malware Scanning Service, with Security Seal

Protect your site against threats and vulnerabilities with website security scanning from eApps and SiteLock. We have partnered with SiteLock®, a major security services company, to provide you the leading web site vulnerability scanning and malware removal service. SiteLock's Scanning and Malware Removal service performs a daily scan that includes a full set of inspection processes designed to alert you about security vulnerabilities before they become a problem, as well as detect and report malware infections when they happen. The service includes options for more advanced inspections and malware removal. Our partnership with SiteLock allows us to offer this valuable security service to our customers at a preferred price.

SiteLock Scanning and Malware Removal Service Benefits

The benefits of the SiteLock service, depending on edition, are described below.

  • Avoid site and email blacklisting - The daily scans will detect malware immediately, so that it can be removed before your site and email are blocked by search engines and blacklists.
  • Maximize confidence in the security of your site - Advanced options for inside-out scanning via SFTP can be enabled to identify any modifications or changes made inside your website.
  • Detect vulnerabilities in advance - The scan doesn't just find infections, it alerts you about application vulnerabilities, including exposure to SQL injections and cross site scripting (XSS).
  • Fix infections before they become problems - The service includes the Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART), backed by support options from eApps professionals.
  • Protect your site from drive-by hackers - The network security scan feature will help you lock down your sites to protect against hackers.
  • Increase sales and web site conversions - The SiteLock Security Certificate seal increases the confidence of your site visitors, resulting in a higher percentage of conversions.
  • Gain full visibility of scans and results - Your private SiteLock dashboard provides complete visibility on the scans and results, and allows for easy administration.
  • Improve your reputation through business validation - Verify your address, phone and e-mail to give customers the confidence of knowing they can contact you with questions or concerns.

SiteLock Scanning and Malware Removal Editions

The following chart provides a list of the features for each edition.

Compare SiteLock Editions

$35 per Year

$75 per Year

$120 per Year
Number of Site Pages up to 25 up to 500 up to 2500
Trust Seal
Malware Scan
Outside in scan checks for malware on the site's pages (external redirects, hidden links, obfuscated JavaScript, links to known malware sites, etc).
Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
Blacklist Monitoring
Checks whether any page or link on the site are listed on blacklists maintained by search engines and other providers, and SiteLock's internal database of over 7000 known malware sites.
Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
SPAM Monitoring
Checks whether the email server is listed as a spammer on leading blacklists.
Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
SQL Injection, XSS Scans
Scans for vulnerabilities in applications on the server that have likely been installed by the customer (applications above the level of OS, Web Server, DB, and Programming language).
One Time Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
Application Scan
Scans the server's core application stack (OS, Web Server, DB, Programing language) for common vulnerabilities.
One Time Monthly and On Demand Monthly and On Demand
Inside-out scan checks for malware and suspicious code in source files, and for file changes made since the last scan. Provides the ability to identify unexpected or unapproved changes made to the site (defacement). Has option to remove malware.
-- Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
Outside in scan checks for suspicious code and provides notes and security tips. Examples include using SSL encryption on password pages, upgrading third-party applications, etc.
Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
SSL Verification
Examines the site's SSL certificate to verify the following:
- Has strong encryption been used?
- Is the authority trusted?
- Has the certificate expired?
- Is the name/domain correct?
Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand Daily and On Demand
Address Verification (optional)
Verifies your address via a postal mail process, allowing you to show site visitors that you have a physical address where mail can be sent if required, increasing trust.
One Time One Time One Time
Phone Verification (optional)
Verifies your phone number, showing site visitors that you can be reached via phone for issues, increasing trust.
One Time One Time One Time

Don't let your site become one of the millions of sites that get hacked each year! Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and ensure that you get the correct security solution! Click on the Chat Now icon to the right for assistance or contact us by phone or email, or visit our store to purchase your vulnerability and malware protection service today.

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