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Why eApps?

State of the Art Cloud Environment

We offer an advanced Cloud hosting environment, built and managed by company staff. We started our hosting operation in 1996, and bring to our customers nearly 20 years of experience running a hosting operation designed for mission critical applications and web sites. Consider the following aspects of the eApps Cloud Environment:

  • Outstanding Support Services - Every hosting company claims that they have the best support. Since 1996 our staff has provided highly effective, personalized service to our hosting customers. Don't take our word for it, read our customer testimonials.
  • Best Hosting Management System - We use the OnApp cloud management system, designed for and used by premier hosting providers around the world.
  • Enterprise grade data centers - Our operation is housed in best-in-class data centers by QTS, one of the largest and most successful data center operators in the US.
  • Reliable, high performance equipment - Our Cloud has been built with top of the line equipment from Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and other leading vendors.
  • Privacy and Security - eApps customers do not have to worry about their data passing to or through other vendors or government agencies. We retain full control of all processing on our service, and ensure your data privacy and security.

More than Just Resources

We offer more than reliable and efficient computer resources. eApps provides the applications you need to run your site AND a high level of support from qualified people that really care. Our Cloud hosting service includes:

  • 24x7x365 Support - our technical support department is always open and available by phone, Skype, chat, email and web form.
  • In-house technicians - in-house technicians with application specific knowledge and the desire to help you succeed.
  • App deployment support - we provide App deployment guides and technical assistance for all Apps in our library.
  • Server trouble assistance - at your request, our technicians will look inside your server and perform server related corrective action or advise you.
  • Library of popular Apps - easy to install popular Apps, including Tomcat, WildFly, GlassFish, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, MySQL and more. OS templates with pre-installed Apps are also available.
  • Individually controlled resources - Most hosting companies offer plans with set quantities of resources. This approach forces you to upgrade ALL resources if you need more of ANY any of the resources. With eApps you control each resource individually. So if you only need more RAM, you can increase just RAM. For most customers this approach is more economical.

Best Value Managed Service Options

With eApps, you have access to tools and professional services to maximize the uptime, performance and security of you site or application, without having to pay the mega-host provider price tag. We offer a range of pre-defined and custom managed services, including the following:

  • Software assistance - our technical support staff will install and configure software, modules and plug-ins for a reasonable fee.
  • Monitoring - our monitoring service is not just an alarm bell. Our technicians will respond to the alert and resolve server problems, when possible.
  • Priority Support - for demanding customers, this service gives your request priority compared to requests of equal severity, AND escalates your call to eApps management should your call not be answered promptly.
  • Security analysis and hardening - this set fee service assesses your security and implements corrective and protective server side security measures.
  • Site tuning and optimization - this set fee service determines where your performance bottlenecks are and implements server side optimization and recommendations.
  • Server health checkup - this set fee general service provides a complete report on the health of your server, and implements server side improvements.

Enterprise Grade Add-Ons

The eApps service offering also includes additional services from leading vendors:

  • Zimbra Email - our Enterprise Email service, featuring Zimbra Collaboration, is a full featured mail and collaboration server that competes with Microsoft Exchange.
  • R1Soft Backup - our Enterprise Backup service, featuring Server Backup Manager by R1Soft, is an industrial strength backup system that gives you full control over backup management.
  • CDN - Content Delivery Network (CDN) is available to speed up your site through the OnApp Federation, a worldwide network of fast content delivery servers.

Advanced Configuration Capabilities

We specialize in providing a custom solution for your needs. Our component based approach makes it easy to configure and deploy virtual servers for security, load balancing, and failover needs. Our experts are ready to work with you to define a reliable, flexible solution for your application.

  • VPN - Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is implemented in a private, IPsec compliant, software appliance. It is template based, economical, and supports the widest range of VPN configurations.
  • Load Balancing - We use tried and true technologies to set up a scalable cluster of Virtual Servers.
  • Failover - For mission critical applications and database servers we can implement an optimal failover configuration to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Free Consultation - We can deliver a custom configuration that fits your needs, based on a FREE consultation by our experts.

Our Sales department is here to answer any questions you have and assist you in getting started. We are confident that we will provide the highest value for your Cloud Hosting needs! Click on the Chat Now icon to the right for immediate assistance or email us at a to request a free consultation.

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