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Custom Virtual Server with Guaranteed Resources & Managed Services


The eApps® Create-A-Cloud® tool allows you to create a custom cloud plan with the guaranteed allocations of CPU, RAM, and Disk resources you need, with a known, recurring price. As demand for computing resources increases or decreases, you can change your resource allocations immediately, resulting in an adjustment of the price of your custom cloud hosting plan. With the eApps® virtual server hosting service, powered by OnApp, you have the freedom to adjust your hosting resources to meet demand, with a predictable recurring bill. Your resources are guaranteed, they are always there for you.


eApps Hosting's Virtual Cloud Servers include an impressive list of free, included Managed Services:

  • On-ramp Assistance - At no extra charge, we help get your site or application up and running fast!
  • Control Panel & Customer Portal Support - Our tools save you time, and we stand behind them.
  • DDoS Protection - Your servers are protected by an industrial strength anti DDoS system, designed to keep even the targeted site up and running.
  • Site Accelerator (CDN), Web App Firewall (WAF), enhanced DDoS - Within minutes your site will be accelerated through a world-wide network, and be protected from hackers.
  • Uptime Monitoring, with First Responder option - Alerts you when your site is down, with a low cost option for eApps Support response.
  • Resource Monitoring - Tracks and reports your resource usage, with alerts when you reach usage threshholds.
  • Server and Security Investigation - Initial inspections by our skilled technicians are free of charge.
  • Minor Software Updates - Assistance for minor updates is included.
  • SSL Installation - Free installation for certificates purchased from eApps.
  • Consultation on Use of eApps Cloud Services - Our Sales team will assist you, at no charge.


Build your Virtual Cloud Server from a comprehensive list of Operating System templates, prepared by our technical team and designed to fit your needs. The list includes Linux and Windows templates, as well as special purpose templates to deploy VPN and load balancing solutions. Also included are choices with ISPmanager, Plesk and cPanel/WHM control panels, and choices with popular application servers, including Tomcat, Wildfly, GlassFish and more. Our approach saves you administrative time which means your application can be deployed fast and easily.

If you need additional managed services, we provide options for backups, server monitoring, application monitoring, software updates, security services, and enhanced support. All Managed Service options are selectable individually for each Virtual Server. We do not force you to buy services you do not need!


Your eApps Virtual Server provides all of the capabilities you expect - root access, full resource control, and more. In addition, our custom hosting service allows you to choose from a large list of supported applications, featuring a supported library of middle-ware software used to power mission critical web sites. The list includes Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, JBoss, Liferay Portal, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Groovy and Grails, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.


To the outside world our motto is "Managed Hosting for Demanding Customers" but internally it is our mantra. With hundreds of service providers offering cloud hosting, we know you have a choice. Consider why thousands of customers choose the eApps team as their managed hosting partner:

reliable hosting in a custom cloud plan 24/7 Technical Support
Being there for you is one thing. Being competent, responsive and caring is what separates us from the competition. Contact us 24/7 by email, chat, landline phone, and world-wide toll free VOIP using Skype to get help from an eApps team member that is dedicated to your success. Check out our customer testimonials.

virtual server hosting on a true cloud platform True Cloud Platform
Your Linux or Windows Virtual Server runs in a state of the art Cloud hosting environment, with advanced capabilities for self service, scalability, and automatic recovery from hardware failures. Our Virtual Servers are also highly insulated, drastically minimizing any impact from "noisy neighbors." You can count on eApps for reliable hosting.

custom virtual server that surpasses other cloud service providers Applications Support
Since 1996 eApps has provided outstanding support for the server-side software used to power mission critical web sites. Other providers offer a list of applications to install. We help you use them. When you reach your hand out to us for help, it will be taken by a technician with the skills and experience to resolve your issue.

custom cloud hosting Predictable Pricing & Flexibility
With our Create-A-Cloud® tool you select the quantity of RAM, CPU & Disk that you need! This results in a custom hosting plan that fits your needs, at a fixed price. Later, if you need to adjust resources you can do so in your self-service Customer Portal. eApps Cloud offers the perfect balance of predicable prices and flexible resources.

Create your custom cloud plan

Click on the Create-A-Cloud® icon at the upper right to create your custom Virtual Server cloud hosting plan for YOUR needs. We offer competitively priced custom cloud hosting on a true cloud platform! Have some specific technical questions about our custom hosting plans? Click the Chat Now icon for on-line assistance or contact us for more information.

eApps Hosting was launched in 1996 as an applications oriented hosting environment, with first class technical support for mission critical web sites. We began offering Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting in 2001 and achieved rapid success, going on to serve thousands of customers seeking advanced, yet competitively priced, reliable hosting with responsive support. We now offer a Virtual Server hosting service on a "true cloud" platform, featuring custom hosting plans that you create in minutes, with predictable recurring billing. You receive reliable hosting backed by outstanding technical support that includes support for many leading applications used for industrial strength sites. Our evolution as one of the premier Cloud service providers continues.

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